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AF-Coating Material(SH-HT)

SH-HT is a mainstream among the AF coating (Anti-Fingerprint Coating) materials which has excellent water & oil repellency than previous general or high hardness hydrophobic with the purpose of harden the coated surface and having smooth touch.


It's used to coat tempered glass, AR coating lens, and plastic lens in the vacuum coating machine, using in the various industries such as IT, ophthalmic, optical field, etc and make a thin layer which has a anti-fingerprint effect. After AF coating, it has excellent performances like preventing contamination on the surface, easy to clean, and remarkable water & oil repellency as well as anti-fingerprint effect.



As evaporation vacuum coating material part, DON produces evaporation vacuum coating materials for various industrial fields such as optics, eye glasses, communication. While coating, for your information, the vacuum condition would be 10-5torr in the vacuum coating machine.
To be excellent AR coating materials, their purity must be above 99.99% and there must not have any gas while coating and must have a high density and maintain a consistent hardness. So, DON is always trying to do their best to provide high quality & service by well-equipped special facilities & based on many experienced know-how for years. AR-Coating Material.


Hard Coating

Hard coating sol is to enhance abrasive resistance (scratch & hardness) and own surface property of plastics & the other substrates and is divided into the coating methods & kinds of the substrates. DON is providing the hard coating sol not only in accordance to the curing way (Thermal or UV curing), but in accordance to the kinds of substrates (such as plastic, PC, PMMA, etc) through consistent research & development of our own R&D center.