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5 - Star (M)

5-Star(M) is an exclusive hard solution for CR-39 and middle-refraction,
and it has over 7.0 Bayer ratio. Its main solvent is the water and is noninflammable,
not harmful to the human body, and eco-friendly.
Additionally, it has a long lifespan and can save the logistics cost,
and you can store it in the room temperature.
Its use of noninflammable and noncombustible solvent helps to maintain consistent coating quality.

Patent Technology

5-Star(M) is the innovative hard solution which has five characteristics
that were not seen is Sol-Gel hard solution so far.
Its main solvent is the water, and it is considered as the general goods when exporting,
letting you save the logistics cost.
Since it is not a dangerous article, you can use this hard solution easily and safely.

Product performance

5-Star(M), being developed based on the cutting-edge technology of DON R&D team,
has over 7.0 Bayer ration, and it can withstand over 600 times of Steel Wool abrasion test with a 1.0kg load.

◆ Applied condition ◆

Coating Method Dip coating
Coating Condition Drawing Speed: 40~50 seconds for 75mm lens
Cabinet Temperature : 15~20˚C(Celsius)
Relative Humidity : Less than 40%
Coating Solution Temperature : 10~15˚
Pre cure Over 80˚C, over 10 minutes
Post cure Over 110˚C, over 120 minutes
Supplement of the Coating Solution Maintain the specific gravity at 1.070 in 10˚C by inserting DI-Water in the circulating coating solution and supplementing 5-star(M) concentrate.

◆ Product Property ◆

Name 5-Star(M)
Appearance Half-transparent liquid
Specific Gravity (10˚C) 1.060 ~ 1.080
(csp, Brookfield, 10˚)
7.0 ~ 8.0
Solid 31±1%.
PH(10˚) 4.0 ~ 5.0

◆ Coat-layer Characteristics ◆

Item Test Method 5-Star (M)
Penetration Ratio 550nm, 2.5μm thickness >95%
Refractive Index Ellipsometry(589nm) 1.52
Adhesion ASTM D3359 5B
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 8H
Scratch Durability Steel Wool #0000, 1.0kg, 600cycles No Visual Scratch
Hot Water Test 90 - 95C, 30min NO Damage