With a remarkable customer service & satisfaction,
DON has been here at the present location not only from ophthalmic field,
but to optics, communication, measurement, control, IT, electronics industrial field, etc.
We will always do our best to make the better products
that will be led innovative development of 21c futuristic industrial fields throughout the continuous effort & R&D.

At present
- General Hydrophobic : 70% market share in the world
- Super Hydrophobic : 80% market share in the world
Hard Coating Sol
- Asian market(Except Japan) : 95% market share
- Europe : 25% market share
AR Coating Material
- Asian market : 85% market share
- Europe : 20% market share

11Developed & started selling the Super hydrophobic (AF coating) for smartphone cover glass (by evaporation, thermal sputter, dip, spray) / Contracted with global major companies
02 Opened trading company in Shanghai (China) / to advance towards General Optics & develop raw materials

10Opened sales office in New York (U.S.)
03Opened sales office in Bangkok (Thailand)

09Aquired ISO 14001certificate, Korea-first among the domestic coating material fields

06Opened sales office in Danyang (China)

04Aquired ISO 9001certificate, Korea-first among the domestic coating material fields

08Completed Shanghai factory (常熟) in China (DON OPTICS CO., LTD.)
02Developed Super Hydrophobic (SH-HT) & SH-Housing (World-first Super hydrophobic tablet and possibly can use in the vacuum coating machine / Aquired the patent & started selling

08Developed Hard Coating sol / R&D Center was authorized by Korean government (R&D Center)

03Developed General Hydrophobic (HT-100)

05Completed present factory (Headquarters / Factory)

06DON was established (Incheon Namdong Industrial Complex) / AR coating materials were developed & started manufacturing