Business Field

DON produces every single product of each procedure from hard coating sol to top coating material and
can make the products with the systematic coating process so do trouble shooting when happen some problems because DON has expended experience & know-how of each process for years.

  • Evaporation vacuum coating materials (AR coating materials)

    AR coating materials for ophthalmic & optical field
    Cold mirror, filter, etc for communication & electronics
    Laser mirror, Beam splitter for special industry
    AR coating sol by dip, spray, or bar coating

  • Special hard coating sol for optics

    Thermal curing hard coating sol for eye glasses & other substrates (VH-series)
    UV curing hard coating sol for PC, PMMA, TAC, SUS, etc (UH-series)
    Developed & produced nano sol such as TiO2, ZrO2, Al2O3, etc and fine chemical organic compounds ourselves

  • AF coating materials of special hydrophobic for surface treatment

    General hydrophobic material
    AF & Super hydrophobic materials
    Accessories & sub coating materials for those Super & General hydrophobic materials

  • Vacuum coating machine accessory part

    Quartz crystal sensor (Gold, Silver, Alloyl)
    Thermal vacuum coating heaters (Boats)
    Tungsten filaments (Electron & Ion beam filaments)